Friday, May 18, 2007

Marmalade and treacle sponge pudding

My first thought on seeing a Dan Lepard recipe in the Guardian for marmalade and treacle sponge puddings was, "Isn't it May?" Then I looked out of the window, and decided that sponge pudding was just the kind of warming comfort food I fancied.

Here is the recipe. I halved the ingredients, and I made the pudding in a single basin. I was not conscientious enough to sift the flour with the baking powder two or three times, merely stirring in the powder. Also, I decided to try putting the basin, wrapped in several layers of foil, in a steaming basket.

The last decision turned out to be a mistake: after an hour and a quarter, the pudding had not set. Clearly, a steamed pudding needs to sit in a bath, coming half way up the sides. I transferred it to such a bath; it was ready half an hour later.

The pudding was soft and light, as well as satisfyingly rich. Two of us ate it all, greedily. It might have served four.

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roberta said...

recently I baked bread, made soups, rice puddings and curried pumpkin, I felt like eating raw food only for a week in April.
I even made sourdough that fermented very well as we had the heating on last night!
Is it really May??