Monday, January 14, 2008

Frozen peas

Someone gave me an interesting tip at a new year's eve party. We were talking, as you do, about frozen peas. Don't boil them, he advised: saute them. As someone on the receiving end of regular accusations that I have undercooked or overcooked my peas, I was excited by the idea.

It turns out to work well. But they need a drop or two of moisture. Put a little cooking oil or butter in the pan, turn the heat to medium, and tip in the peas. Their own moisture may help to stew them; or you may need to add a little. Cook, stirring, until the peas soften: it does not take long.


woodenspoon said...

this is totally the way my mum always cooked peas, and they tasted great!

btw - I'v added you as a link on my blog - hope that's cool. We are fellow local food enthusiasts - I found your link on the growing communities site.

Nicholas Clee said...

Thank you, woodenspoon. I have reciprocated.