Thursday, March 06, 2008


I said in the entry on celeriac and swede curry that by March one is getting a little bored with root vegetables. But some roots start to appear now, and they are a treat. They are small spring turnips, with cream and purple skins.

A good way to cook them -- once peeled and cut into chunks (mine are usually fork-sized) -- is in a covered pan with a few tbsps of liquid and a knob of butter. (It works for carrots too.) Stock is particularly good. At the weekend, I made a lamb stew, with a sauce that needed reduction; before I started boiling it down, I put some of it in the pan with my turnips.

Turnips take 10 to 15 minutes to soften. You need to keep an eye on the liquid, particularly if it is stock, which will thicken and reduce. You end up with turnips in a delicious, buttery glaze. Season them with a little salt and with generous grindings of pepper.


Jim Dillow said...

English lamb, I hope?

Nicholas Clee said...

Of course!