Friday, April 11, 2008

Chilli sauce

I stir chilli sauce or harissa into almost everything I cook that is vaguely compatible: pasta dishes, rice dishes, bean and lentil dishes, soups. This week, I returned to the most widely available chilli sauce brand, Encona, after experimenting with various others including the excellent Asia's Finest (a past winner of a Great Taste Award); and I concluded that it is as good as any. It has a distinctive, fruity zing -- perhaps some would find it a little too vinegary.

Richard Whittington, in his otherwise excellent Home Food (out of print, sad to say), says that you can use Encona chilli sauce as a marinade for jerk chicken. You cannot, in my experience. It turns acrid when grilled or roasted.


Pixie said...

Hello there, discovered you through Julia's forum and am thrilled to find that we actually have you're book- which we love! Thanks so much and I'm sure to add you to my reader for more fabulous tips.

Nicholas Clee said...

Thanks very much for your kind comments, Pixie. Am very impressed with your blogs.

Christopher James said...
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