Thursday, October 23, 2008

Where Jamie and Hugh cut little ice

I have been a bit busy recently, helping set up a new website called BookBrunch, so I just have time today to make an observation. My local Tesco Express, on Seven Sisters Road, experimented for a while with stocking some organic chicken and pork. But I haven't seen these items there for a while. Now the Lidl up the road is advertising free range chicken; it will be interesting to see whether that lasts. In some areas, and during a credit crunch, the influence of Jamie and Hugh is weak.


Anonymous said...

Free range is not equal to Organic.

Nicholas Clee said...

Thanks: I know that.

Fiona Beckett said...

Not sure you're right about the influence of Jamie and Hugh being on the wane. We still seem to be celebrity obsessed. But Lidl and Aldi certainly go from strength to strength.

Would you like to see a copy of The Frugal Cook btw since you've been kind enough to show an interest in the project?

Mail me your address if you would

Nicholas Clee said...

Not on the wane, I agree; but there are parts of the country where they're not going to be so influential, particularly in a recession.

Thanks very much for the offer. I'll email you.