Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Key lime pie

My obsession with biscuit-based puddings continues. At the weekend, I tried key lime pie, from Delia Smith's How To Cook: Book Two. The recipe is here.

I used a conventional (digestive biscuits and butter) base, made in the same way as last time (see obsession link, above). I do not own a loose-based flan tin, so I used a springform, 20 cm cake tin -- given the quantity of filling, I would not have wanted it to be any larger. I did not try to spread the crumbs up the side of the tin; the problem then being that the creamy filling did not come cleanly away from the sides, and had a raggedy edge.

Another piece of equipment I do not own is a hand-held beater. I used the whisk attachment on my food processor. It barely skimmed the surface of three egg yolks; but it did a good job of thickening the filling once I had added the condensed milk and lime juice.

I needed to zest four limes to get a tbsp of zest, but I got 150 ml of juice from three limes. They are not always so juicy, however.

Another comment about quantities: this would be an ungenerous pudding for 10. Seven of us -- one of whom had a tiny portion -- ate it all.

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